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  • What services does Johnson Medical Office Solutions provide?
    Johnson Medical Office Solutions specializes in a range of services designed to streamline the workflow of medical practices. This includes Medical Billing, Credentialing, Virtual Assistant Services, Digital Marketing, and Answering Services. Our goal is to help healthcare providers focus more on patient care by efficiently managing their back-office tasks.
  • How can your medical billing service benefit my practice?
    Our medical billing service ensures that your claims are processed quickly and accurately. Our experienced team manages all aspects of medical billing, from provider credentialing to claims processing, reducing errors and improving your practice's financial health.
  • What makes your virtual assistant services suitable for a medical practice?
    Our Virtual Assistants are specifically trained in medical practices. They assist with tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing patient records, and handling email correspondence, thus reducing the administrative burden on your medical staff.
  • Can JMOS help in improving our digital presence and marketing?
    Absolutely! Our Digital Marketing Services are tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers. We offer services like website development, social media management, content creation, and SEO optimization to enhance your online presence and patient engagement.
  • What are the qualifications of your staff handling the answering services?
    Our answering service staff are highly trained professionals familiar with medical terminology and patient communication. They provide courteous and efficient call handling to ensure your patients always receive the best service.
  • How does the credentialing process work with JMOS?
    Our credentialing process involves an initial consultation to understand your needs, followed by the collection of necessary documentation. We then develop a credentialing strategy, submit the applications to insurance carriers, and handle all follow-ups, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for provider credentialing.
  • What types of healthcare providers do you typically work with?
    We work with a diverse range of healthcare providers, including individual practitioners, group practices, clinics, and hospitals. Our services are adaptable to the unique needs of different healthcare settings.
  • Is my patient data secure with JMOS?
    Absolutely. We adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy policies in line with HIPAA guidelines. All patient data is stored securely and handled with the utmost care to ensure privacy and security.
  • How can I get started with your services?
    Getting started is simple. You can contact us through our website, via email, or by phone. We will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs and how our services can be tailored to meet those needs.
  • Do you offer customized solutions for unique practice needs?
    Yes, we do. We understand that each practice has its unique challenges and requirements. Our team works closely with you to create customized solutions that align with your specific operational needs.
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